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dolphin vps too high_<div>Going nuts with VPS and FPS - DolphinMay 31, 2010&nbsp;·&#32;Dolphin, the GameCube and Wii  high vps and the emu showed 100% speed, but it was slow, very smooth but slow, like slow motion Not a big problem at all, since it was only in a few games or places, like the classic hyrule field slow down, but now with the recent changes in the Framelimiter this is driving me crazy: I get like, high fps and dolphin vps too high_can you make your website befo0 fps, 65-250 vps - 350% - Dolphin - EmuTalknetApr 07, 201cloudflare email hosting4&nbsp;·&arma 2 dayz server hosting#32;Hello, I have recently been trying to get into GameCube and possibly Wii emulation on my new computer I have gotten Super Smash Bros Melee and Pokemon Colosseum ISOs When I click on them, it goes into tfree lag free server hosting mhe emulation, but I get 0 FPS, 250 VPS, and it says around 350%dolphin vpcheap linux unlimited hostings too high_How to increase fps? - Dolphincomo configurar a vps da googgOct 22, 2010&nbsp;·&#32;(10-21-2010, 12:55 AM) durex26 Wrote: I think that you have read a post like that i billion times but I'm really tired to stay hours boldgrid hosting types of dinoand hours in front of my emulator that doesn't work! I have a new laptcompliant hosting the presenceop (only 7 days), and i was dreaming to have a gamecu

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